‘Legacies of the Immaterial in the Arts and Practice’ stream at London Conference in Critical Thought 2015

I’m running a stream for this year’s London Conference in Critical Thought. In the last couple of weeks the conference committee has made its selection from the many paper proposals received, and sent out the notices of acceptance. My stream, ‘Legacies of the Immaterial in the Arts and Practice’ called for papers that ‘ask[ed] what renewed interests in materiality mean for immateriality. In particular, [those that consider] how this issue is critically negotiated through artistic, everyday, and socio-cultural practices’ (quoting the CFP). Three interdisciplinary panels will make up the stream (I’ll update the finer details here once the presenters have all confirmed their attendance).  When organising these panels, I’ve made a conscious attempt to cut across assumed boundaries of disciplinarity, and of theory and practice:

  • The first session explores immateriality, labour, and artistic production. It will bring together those discussing and theorising these themes in socio-cultural fields, as well as practitioners who develop these themes in their own work.
  • The second session will engage with questions of representation. In particular, it will focus upon reading, writing, and producing critically diverse forms of representational practices. I’m sure that questions of mediation, medium, and material will surface here. Again, theorists and practitioners will present.
  • The final panel links closely with the second: it focuses upon language and signification. However, in this last panel, critical perspectives are offered that engage with critiques of materiality and the immaterial through linguistic and poetic practices.

It goes without saying that I’m very much looking forward to hearing the discussions that emerge from these sessions! I should also note that this year’s programme (again, finer details TBC before publication) includes a large number of sessions that explore aesthetic concerns and issues in the arts. I imagine that themes that emerge in my stream will spark connections and debates with many other topics to be discussed at LCCT 2015.

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