This is the website of Dr Samuel Wilson, Lecturer in Contextual Studies at London Contemporary Dance School and Tutor in Music, Philosophy, and Aesthetics at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Additionally, I undertake research independantly.

On this website you can find my academic profile, and details about my projects and publications.

I can be contacted at s.wilson [at]


My primary research focuses primarily on music, sound, and critical theory, exploring music and sound art’s relationship with the changing material and intellectual conditions of twentieth- and twenty-first-century modernity. My research interests include:

  • Musical modernism and modernity, particularly that of the late twentieth century
  • Contemporary music and experimentalism
  • Critical Theory from the Frankfurt School to posthumanism
  • Music and psychoanalytic theory
  • Materialist perspectives on music
  • Music, time, temporality


I teach at two performing arts institutions. At London Contemporary Dance School (at The Place), where  I teach interdisciplinary classes on the arts and culture, supervise finalists’ projects, contribute to programme design, etc.

I also teach at Guildhall School of Music and Drama where I am the Tutor in Music, Philosophy, and Aesthetics.